Make any web page address instantly memorable.

FOUR.me uses a patent pending invention called a FOUR.

A FOUR is similar to a normal four lettered word, except each letter can be either red, green, blue or yellow.

For example: LOVE

Every FOUR is unique and each one can be purchased from our SHOP.

  • Buy a FOUR and set it to redirect to any web address simply using our dashboard.
    Advertise any web page with a memorable FOUR instead of a long, forgettable URL.
  • Bring your links to 'real' life.
    Redirect your FOUR to link to your Etsy shop, Linktree, or anywhere you choose.
  • Influencers- Your FOUR can be your brand name. Set it to redirect to your Linktree or socials.
    Design and sell merch with your FOUR brand name on it.
  • 20 Billion unique FOUR's available. Buy one and own it for life.
FOUR.me enables you to make any web address (business, socials, JustGiving page etc) represented by a memorable, colourful four letter word.”
Ashley Revell – CEO/Founder

Four Colours.
Four Characters.
20 billion possible combinations. Buy one today and own it forever.

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