Buy, own and trade unique coloured words that redirect to any URL you choose uses a patent pending invention called a FOUR.

A FOUR is similar to a normal word, except each letter can be either red, green, blue or yellow.





Every FOUR is unique and you can buy one or TRY ONE FOR FREE from the SHOP.

Set it to redirect to any web page you want and it replacses a long URL with something memorable.

Use a hash as the first character and you can create and own a Hashtag. Have it redirect to your business website hompage or any page you choose.

  • Buy a FOUR and set it to redirect to any web address simply using our dashboard.
    Advertise any web page with a memorable FOUR instead of a long, forgettable URL.
  • Bring your links to 'real' life.
    Redirect your FOUR to link to your Etsy shop, Linktree, or anywhere you choose.
  • Influencers- Your FOUR can be your brand name. Set it to redirect to your Linktree or socials.
    Design and sell merch with your FOUR brand name on it.
  • Launch price offer on all FOUR's. Buy one today and it's yours to use or trade for profit. enables you to make any web address (business, socials, JustGiving page etc) represented by a unique, memorable, colourful word. Buy them, use them, trade them”
Ashley Revell – CEO/Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a URL Shortener?

URL Shortener is a tool that makes a website address text shorter in length but has to transform the text to achieve this. The end result URL may look completely different to the URL you are trying to shorten in length.

The URL Shortener takes your long URL and gives you a smaller link. It does this by passing users through their servers before they go to the destination website address.

Why is a URL Shortener good?

URL Shorteners are good because they make your links easy to remember, easier to type and easier to share.

You can use a URL Shortener to share links on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram where space is limited.

URL Shorteners that offer more capability help you to understand the impact of your links.


When you use as your URL Shortener, you will never forget your link and can share it in many more ways, without being restricted to online only. let’s you share it everywhere.


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