Represent your web page with a memorable, coloured, four-letter word

Making the internet beautiful. One URL at a time.

What is FOUR.me ?

FOUR.me enables you to make any web address (business, social media, JustGiving page etc) represented by a memorable, colourful four letter word.

At FOUR.me, you use just 4 characters and each letter is either red, green, blue or yellow.

Here are some example FOUR’s:





There are an incredible 20 billion unique combinations (each is referred to as a ‘FOUR‘) and each one is for sale. Buy one and it’s yours!

Buy a FOUR,  decide what web page you want it to  and then you just need to display your FOUR instead of a long, unmemorable URL to drive traffic to your web page.

Or you may just want to buy it as in investment as we are launching the marketplace soon for people to trade in pre-owned ones.

What is a FOUR ?

FOUR is like a normal four lettered word, but in colour. Unlike a standard word, each letter in a FOUR is either red, green, blue or yellow.

Using colour in combination with characters like this is a Patent Pending invention and every combination is for sale. You can own one or more!

FOUR is composed of red, green, blue or yellow coloured letters, numbers and other characters found on a keyboard.

Here are some more example FOURs :







What do FOUR‘s do ?

They can represent any URL to help people build and promote their brand, drive traffic to their online shop, social media or JustGiving page. They have lots of uses. Anyone that sees your FOUR can input it at FOUR.me (instead of having to try and remember a long URL address) and they will be taken to the web page you linked to that FOUR.

Promote your JustGiving page

How a FOUR can boost donations to your cause.

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Importance of Colour

Deciding the best colours

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Use Case- How to be a TikTok influencer

See a FOUR in action!

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How to own a FOUR ?

The first step to ownership of your very own FOUR is to type it in HERE and see if it’s available to buy. Choose the FOUR you would like,  type it in and press go.

If it is available, you will be given the option to ‘Purchase to own this FOUR

When you buy a FOUR it’s yours to keep. For Life. Unless you decide to sell it when we launch the FOUR.me marketplace (coming soon). The place to buy and sell pre-owned FOURs.

Who should buy a FOUR ?

Everyone! You!

From business owners wanting to advertise their products, to social media influencers that want a visual way for people to connect with their brand. How will you use your FOUR ?

Or maybe you just want to buy one, or many, as an investment.

First step is to Register an account for free HERE

How many FOUR‘s are available ?

There are around 20 billion unique FOUR‘s to choose from. You can buy your own one today!

Remember every FOUR is covered by our Worldwide patent pending protection, so you can be confident that each FOUR you buy is a unique investment.

creator economy

With FOUR.me you can completely change the way you connect people to your website or other platforms. Bring your links to ‘real’ life.

Buy a FOUR, link it to your creator page and you have created a visual, memorable way for anyone that sees it to get quickly to your creator page. Gain followers!
Put the FOUR on a shirt, wear it in your vids and you are building your brand and gaining fans.
FOUR is a Twitter users best friend, reducing the number of characters needed for a tweet but allowing a link to be included.
Adding a FOUR in an image will help you to show your link in all of your images.
FOURs can be applied to images, text and can allow you to prevent Facebook Automated declines on your campaigns due to link compliance.
Four Colours.
Four Characters.
20 billion possible combinations. Buy one today and own it forever.

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