July 31, 2022 Four Team

Four Colours

Everyone has their favourite but there's more to it than that!

FOUR is unique because we focus on four colors and four letters, see our breakdown on why four letters is important here: https://four.me/en/four-letter-words/

Why Four Colours?

We all know colour/color is important, no matter how you spell it. Colour holds many meanings, it can make you think and feel different emotions, it can be closely tied to brands and sporting teams and it can help you to remember things.

At FOUR, we feel that the four primary colours Blue, Yellow, Green and Red are so versatile that when combined with four letter words can convey limitless meaning or up to 20 billion combinations.

However it’s not just us that think four colours has powerful importance and can convey clear messages. The Four Colours Thereom proves that you do not need more than four as a delivery mechanism for your messaging or to make things more memorable.

What is the Four Colours Thereom?

four color maps


The theory suggests that any map can be colored in only using four colours as long as the boundaries do not meet. This concept is slightly distant from the purpose and use of colour with FOUR but it proves the power and capabilities that are possible with only using a few colors. If a map of the world can be as clear as the image above only using four colours, then using the same number of colours with four letters to make your message and website address more memorable is a no brainer. 

Four’s goal is to make website addresses easier to remember and access whether you’re online or out and about round the town. Four letters is much easier to remember and there is so much choice.

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Four Colours.
Four Characters.
20 billion possible combinations. Buy one today and own it forever.

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