November 6, 2023 ashley

Display your FOUR on mobile phone lock screen is the perfect solution for sharing whatever you want with friends old and new

Put a FOUR image on your mobile phone lock screen.

Want to share your SnapChat or link to your social media?

We have the solution! Register your own FOUR and you can download the image and put it as your Lock Screen on your phone.

Maybe it will link to your socials, SnapChat, or your new product if you are a business.

Then just flash your phone to anyone you want to see it and they can scan the QR or type in the FOUR at and go to where you want them to.

The example in the pic directs to my LinkedIn profile. I can show it to anyone I meet and we can connect.

Try it out! Scan the QR or type in ASH at

What word will you use for your FOUR and where will it redirect to?

The possibilities are endless.

You can even try out one for FREE!

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