November 5, 2022 Four Team

Why you need FOUR as one of your Online Marketing Tools

Change the way you display information to your users

Digital Marketing Tools have become predictable. Time to change things up.

We all know there are creative tools to send emails, capture data, create engaging artwork with a few clicks of your mouse but none of these have brought a new concept to the table. The industry is crying out for innovation and new ways of interacting online with users. Online Marketing Tools have seen a huge surge in uptake in the past 10 years with businesses refining their proposition to become the market leaders, eliminating their competition in the process. So what now?

Enter FOUR, the newest innovation and a must have in your arsenal of online marketing tools. But why? Let’s start by looking at what the purpose of many digital tools are.


Digital Marketing Uses

When performing tasks or building a marketing plan, often we find that we ask ourselves questions like, “how can I get users to engage with this content?”, “Where should I put my link?”, “Is there a way to make this content more interactive?”, etc. The typical solution is to search Google and find the most relevant digital marketing tool but more often than not this doesn’t provide us with a new answer, just a work around with tools we used before.

Let’s use an example, posting links on Social Media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

If you are an influencer or a big brand who wants to promote a product on these platforms, your options are very limited and the workarounds are not much better. Recently we’ve seen an increase in tools that allow social media pages to link to a page which has multiple links, or a social media reference landing page. These are useful but ultimately they take the user away from the page and can cause the user journey to be disrupted if they click on a different link to the one that you wanted them to choose.

Our innovation allows social media managers and influencers the capability to apply their link directly to the image that relates to their campaign. This can be done with any image on their social profile and can use different links with new words throughout their page. Using four letters and up to four colours social media managers can make a memorable link that when entered into the FOUR interface will take users directly to the campaign destination. FOUR has direct application for social media posts rather than social media posts needing to refer to the “bio” of their post.

There are so many words and ways of using that will change the way we interact with each other and deliver our messages. Go to and pick up your own FOUR now.

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