November 5, 2022 Four Team

How to buy your first FOUR

Become a proud FOUR owner with these easy steps

Picking up your first FOUR

Fantastic news! If you’re here, it means you are ready to join the next phase of the digital revolution and we want to make that process as easy as possible.

The best bit is that it’s really easy to get your first FOUR but we still want to make it even easier for you.




Step 1: Registration

Head over to and fill out the registration form, it’s free and you only need your name, email and a password. You can sign up with your Facebook account too.




Step 2: Choose your word and colours

You may already have an idea of what word and colours you want to use, but let’s use CAKE as an example. 

Go to, enter CAKE and click the letters to get the colour you want, then click “Go”.

If your word is available, you will be able to click one of the links below to buy now, add it to your cart or try it for FREE for a whole week.


Step 3: Buy and Use your FOUR

Complete the checkout if you want to buy your FOUR.

After you buy or try for free, you will be able to “View/Change URL”.

Click the “View/Change URL” arrow icon and a prompt window will appear where you can add your own URL

Click confirm, then return and enter your FOUR, in this case CAKE, then click “Go” and “Confirm”, this will take you to the URL destination. Congratulations you now own your first FOUR. Time to go and share it with the world.


Bonus Step: Download your FOUR image file from the interface

You can also click the “Download” icon in your account and your FOUR will be downloaded as a PNG with a transparent background with the QR code in front so you can easily add it to images, content and anything else like clothing.

That’s it! Please share your FOUR with us so we can see where and how you have used it.

There are so many words and ways of using that will change the way we interact with each other and deliver our messages. Go to and pick up your own FOUR now.

Check out our TikTok instructional:


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