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How to donate to Charity with a FOUR on your Shirt

Promote your crowdsharing page in the physical world and via social media pics

Our Chosen Cause

We donate to charity throughout the year. Charity work is close to our hearts at, the power of people coming together to support a single cause is so important and groups like Justgiving are a fantastic way to generate funds for your chosen charity, so it got us thinking how to promote a Justgiving page with a FOUR on your shirt.

In the news recently has been the sad but inspiring story of Deborah James who battled bowel cancer and used her voice to encourage others to get checked, as a result Deborah James has saved many lives and raised over £7 Million in donations to Bowel Cancer UK. Sponsored Run Plan

It can be difficult to raise both awareness and funds for your chosen cause, often it’s simply a case of delivering an important message in a short space of time which can be very difficult when you are competing with all the other important causes out there.

Many people when raising funds and awareness, will do activities such as fun runs, Tough Mudder type assault courses, swim long distances, hold cake sales and community events, this is fantastic and generates lots of interest and support as well as many donation to charity.

So how can help people donate to charity? Well, we are actually planning to do our own fund raising campaign for Deborah James’ JustGiving page and we will be taking part in a fun run later this year.

In the picture above you can see how to promote a JustGiving page, go to our homepage and try it for yourself.



Preparation for our charity run later this year, we hope you like our team donation shirt! Go to and enter the word in red to see what cause we’re supporting and donate now if you can #charityrun #charity #funrun #influencer #influencermarketing #donate #donation #donations #bowelcancer #bowelcancerawareness #deborahjames #bowelcanceruk #ibs #dogood #dogoodthings #makeadifference #justgiving #goodcause

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Effectiveness of for Donations

At, we believe if you select a four letter word that relates to your cause and have it printed on a shirt, using our tech to redirect anyone who enters that word into the website, they can be taken straight to your chosen donation page.

This is much more memorable than having a long URL across your shirt. There are so many possibilities and you can get people to come up and talk to you.

We chose to put “POOP” in caps and in red on our shirts, because it’s eye catching, it will create conversation not just about the word and having POOP in big red words written across your shirt but also about the cause and in turn will help us to spread awareness and remind people to check their Poo’s for blood as this is an early warning sign of possible bowel cancer.

It’s not possible to speak to everyone at a fun run where potentially thousands of people will come to run and watch, but we are in no doubt that if we saw someone run past us with POOP on their shirt, it would catch their attention and they would go to and check it out.

Consider how you might use this and what causes you could support?


Increase your sponsorship

Buy a FOUR and you can choose where it points to. Maybe your JustGiving page? or any other web page. Print your FOUR on a T-shirt and wear it!

Promote your web page in the real world.

Anyone that sees your shirt can input your FOUR at and go straight to your web page.

Our FOUR of the month (see pic) links to BowelCancer UK’s JustGiving page

Bowel cancer is very treatable but the earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. Finding blood in your poo can be one of the symptoms, yet some people are still reluctant to talk about this as poo is a bit of a taboo subject. Don’t be embarrassed and tell your GP.

To visit the page input the here

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