November 14, 2022 Four Team

Increase your donations with a FOUR on your shirt

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Link your FOUR to your JustGiving page, or any other web page. Print your FOUR on a T-shirt and wear it!

Promote your web page in the real world.

Anyone that sees your shirt can scan it or input your FOUR at and go straight to your web page.

Our chosen FOUR of 2023 is POOP It points to BowelCancer UK’s JustGiving page

Bowel cancer is very treatable but the earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. Finding blood in your poo can be one of the symptoms, yet some people are still reluctant to talk about this as poo is a bit of a taboo subject. Don’t be embarrassed and tell your GP.

To see it in action, scan below or input POOP here

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