July 13, 2023 ashley

Put a FOUR on your laptop and advertise your product or services

Four.me is the perfect solution for highlighting your products

Put a FOUR on your laptop or mobile phone case and always be advertising.

Whenever you get your laptop or phone out in public, with a FOUR on it you can advertise anything you want. Maybe it will link to your socials, or your new product if you are a business.

Anyone can see it and either scan it, or type it in at FOUR.me and go instantly to the webpage you have set it to go to.

The example in the pic directs to KHIPU Networks Security Operations centre (SOC) next webinar information.

Customers can see it, scan it and go straight to the correct webpage showing when the next webinar is and register for it.

But what makes a FOUR so special, is that whenever someone wants to know when the next webinar is, they can type in SOC at FOUR.me. No need to scan and it will always point them to the updated webpage.

You can even try out one for FREE!

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