January 8, 2023 Four Team

TikTok Influencer Marketing Strategy: Gain followers

Four.me is the perfect solution for in-game marketing

Need an Influencer Marketing Strategy? You need your own FOUR.

Speaking with Robbloxyy https://www.tiktok.com/@robbloxyy, a Roblox gamer and new TikTok Influencer, she explains that Four.me has helped her create a brand and promote her TikTok page to gain followers and likes (she now has an incredible following of 420K and 6.7M likes)

She uses it to promote her social channels via her Linktree page, which has predominately Roblox content to fellow Roblox gamers, this can be directly through engaging with them during the game or passively when her avatar wears a shirt with her personal FOUR, in this case all caps, all blue. BLOX.

Want to see how it works? –

Either scan with your mobile phone or click on the ‘Generate/type in QR code’ button in menu at the top of this page and type it in. (Remember BLOX is all blue capital letters)

CLICK here to register for a free FOUR.me account and updates with tips on how to build your brand and become an influencer


In-game Use Case Example- Create and build your own brand

Below we see how this looks in game. Using FOUR in this way can not only help to increase awareness for Robbloxyy’s TikTok channel. Just by owning her own personal FOUR she has created her brand. She can use this in her influencer marketing strategy. She can decide where her FOUR redirects to when typed in at FOUR.me and she can monetize that to become a paid influencer. This opens up influencer marketing strategy to more avenues and ways of promoting than existed before when links were the only option. Watch the video below to see exactly how effective the use of an in-game FOUR can be:




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Why not see if there is a perfect FOUR for you? Maybe it’s your name all in red, or some other word and colours. Click the ‘Generate/type in QR code’ button at the top of this page in the menu and you can type in your favourite and see if it’s available. Try it for FREE or you can even buy it if you want and it’s yours for life. Start to build your brand!

One pain point for influencers particularly gamers is that they struggle to engage in-game with their audience and other gamers. There are limitations to the ways in which they can direct people to their channels or promotions. FOUR.me eliminates the barrier preventing other gamers from accessing the influencers links. It can be added to custom skins, used on in-game artwork, on streamers video live feeds and so much more. Key to an effective Influencer marketing strategy is being able to use as many platforms online and offline to promote yourself and be memorable.

There are so many words and ways of using Four.me that will change the way we interact with each other and deliver our messages. Go to https://four.me and pick up your own FOUR now.

You can even try out one for FREE!

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